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If you live in or near the Woodlands and have little ones, you should check out the Woodlands Children’s Museum.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 AM, the Woodlands Children’s Museum offers great programming for little kids.  Tuesday’s Boogie Bash is meant for young toddlers and little kids up to age 5.  This active session is designed to help kids become aware of the space around them, learn to follow directions, and develop motor and listening skills. Crazy about Critters on Wednesdays is a great opportunity for your kiddo to become better acquainted with animals like bearded dragons or hamsters.  Your child will learn about the animal’s environment and feeding habits.  What a great way to introduce your young one to science and nature.  On Thursdays kids can participate in a centuries long tradition by hearing a story told through shadow puppets!  The Shadow Puppet Theatre is an attention-grabbing story time that your little one can learn how to recreate at home.  All of these events are held weekly at the Woodlands Children’s Museum.  For more information: http://www.woodlandschildrensmuseum.org/