Believe it or not this blog is about what to do INSTEAD of attending SXSW.  We know that just last week we were singing the praises of this super popular event.  You may want to call us crazy cows, but please suspend your judgement until the end of this article.  First, let us make a case for the surrounding Austin areas and activities that aren’t a part of SXSW.

SXSW is a major event that brings in major crowds to Austin.  Avoid, the traffic, lines, parking nightmares, overabundance of people and all the headaches by steering clear of the downtown area.  Instead steer your herd to one of the surrounding Austin areas, you won’t have to roam too far to find an awesome experience for your family.  San Antonio and the River Walk are another popular Texas attraction.  Head North to Georgetown to see a traditional Texas town square and eat at Monument Cafe which has its own Garden (Austin isn’t the only place with restaurants that serve organic, local food). There is plenty of great BBQ to be had in the surrounding Austin areas as well, like Lockhart.  Enjoy the beautiful Texas hill country on a short trip to Wimberly or Fredericksburg.  Where do you go instead of SXSW?