guysposter opt325 - Square Cow Moovers

We love when we have the opportunity to help support a community event.  This past week Square Cow was proud to be one of the sponsors for Archangel Community Theatre’s production of Guys and Dolls.  This was Archangel Community Theatre’s first season and they put on six shows between August 4 and August 12.  What a fun, family-friendly musical event!  We have to say that our favorite part was when Miss Adelaide and her “dolls” sang “I Love You a Bushel and Peck”, in particular our favorite line was “the cows and chickens are goin’ to the dickens”.  While we were very happy that cows were mentioned, we could have stood to have our own line, who wants to share with chickens?  Also we most certainly aren’t going to the “dickens”, unless that is a place that we can help someone move.  Despite this minor flaw it was great to see the awesome talent of so many of the performers.  Austin always has a wealth of awesome things to do, especially musically-related events.  We were so happy that we were able to participate and help others to enjoy a performance of Guys and Dolls.  Congratulations to all the wonderful actors for putting on such a great show!