Old enough to move

Having a few extra hands during a move could be helpful, but keeping track of your calves could add to the workload of a move. Which brings up the question of whether it’s best to plan the move when the kids are at summer camp or visiting family, or if it makes more sense to have them around during the move.


The Age Factor Matters Most

When you’re putting together your family moving plan the biggest consideration is how old your kids are since this will determine how much help they can provide on moving day.

Younger than 6 – Little kiddos need to be looked after, and when you’re busy going in and out of the house moving heavy boxes it can be hard to keep an eye on them. Kids are going to be curious about everything, but having them underfoot could be more hazardous than helpful. If possible see if they can stay with the grandparents while everything is being packed up or schedule a play date with a friend.

6 to 9 Years Old – At this age it may be best to involve your child in the move as much as possible. They are old enough to help out with small tasks and feeling like they are a part of the move can help them cope with the change. If anything, let them help with the packing up of their room and give them little jobs here and there to show they are an important part of the process.

10 to 14 Years Old – Moving can be hard on all kids, but research published in the Journal of Social and Personality Psychology found that it can be hardest on kids that are in their tween years and early teens. These are times of transition in their lives and a move can make things even more difficult. It may be best to let them spend the summer as they normally would to ease the anxiety of the move. If they always go to a specific summer camp or spend the majority of their time at their friends’ house then keep up that normal routine. But before they head out for camp or for a visit with family and friends have them pack up their room so that they don’t feel like you’re violating their space.

15 Years or Older – Older kids, especially those with a driver’s license, can be a big help during a move. They can run errands for you, move things to the new house and make calls so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. In other words they can be great moving assistants.

No matter what their age is, if you know the move has been difficult on your child let them decide if they’d rather do something different on moving day. They may want to be with you helping, or they may choose to spend time with friends and family they may not see again for some time.


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