Think of piano moving as an art within the Art of Moving. Few things are more precarious than a baby grand on a staircase. Texas is full of musicians, and classic pianos are a common enough household item. (We don’t move grand pianos. Contact us to for information on piano sizes we move.)

Our experienced staff takes every conceivable precaution before moving a piano. We plan the move before we even touch the instrument, measuring everything with care so as not to encounter any unforeseen obstacles along the way, and that includes wrapping stairs and sharp corners. We understand that tuning and repairs to pianos are expensive, so we don’t mess around.

Also, we do have insurance in the extremely unlikely event of an accident. Remember though, that the Art of Moving means we are prepared for everything. Leave your precious cargo in the hands of the true Texas piano movers.

Oh, and yes, we can move standing harps, didgeridoos, tubas, bagpipes, etc.