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packing up holiday decor

It’s that time of year when all the holiday decorations have to be taken down and put away. Instead of making it up as you go, why not put together a plan that makes packing everything up more efficient and easier to unpack next year. Keep reading to get our top tips for packing up all of your holiday décor!


Your Success Plan for Storing Holiday Items

These tips will show you how to pack things up so that nothing gets broken, everything stays organized and it’s easier to unpack next holiday season. Plus, discover the best places to store your holiday items.

Tip #1: Create a Master Packing List – Before you begin packing, take an inventory of all your holiday items. Since they are only used once a year, it’s easy to forget what all decorations you have and what you want to put out. There are tons of apps like EverNote that can be used to help you create a list that can be kept on your phone or computer for easy access next year.

Tip #2: Ditch the Cardboard – When you’re moving cardboard boxes are a popular option, but for long-term storage it’s less than ideal. Investing in heavy-duty plastic, airtight containers will help you better protect your holiday décor from water damage and pests.

Tip #3: Double Bag the Natural Materials – Wreaths, cotton tree skirts and dried berries are all pretty appealing to bugs that are looking for a spot to call home. Your best bet is to double bag these types of items by putting them in their own separate bags before packing them away in a container.

Tip #4: Pack Items That Are Displayed Together in the Same Box – Some years you may want to put out all of your decorations, while other years are scaled back to feature only certain displays. If you pack items up according to how they are displayed this will make it easier to decorate next year, because you only have to open exactly what you need.

Tip #5: Wait to Pack the Items You Put Out First Until the End – Basically, you’ll want to consider how you decorate in order to plan the best way of packing it all up. For example, if you get your Christmas tree a week before putting out any other decorations you’ll want the ornaments, trim and indoor lights to go in your containers last so they are easy to get to first. This should also be considered when stacking and storing the boxes.

Tip #6: Label All Boxes – Even if you use clear bins it can be difficult to tell exactly what is inside. Clear labels on the sides and tops of containers make it easy to figure out where everything is. You can buy stick-on labels or print out your own labels on self-adhesive paper.

Tip #7: Wrap Garland and Lights the Right Way – Nothing is more annoying than a tangle of lights. For holiday decorations like garland and lights there is an easy fix that keeps things neat. When taking decorations down hold one end in your hand. Keep your hand up so that your arm is bent at a 90 degree angle and loop the decoration around your elbow. Keep looping from hand to elbow until the end then fasten the loops together with a zip cord or plastic tie so it doesn’t come unwound.

Tip #8: Use Boxes with Compartments for Ornaments – If you no longer have the original boxes that ornaments came in look for boxes with small compartments for safe storing. You can find specialized boxes at craft stores or use boxes that are made for holding individual bottles of wine or beer. Wrap each ornament with tissue paper or bubble wrap for additional protection. It’s a great way to recycle wrapping and tissue paper after opening the presents!

Tip #9: Clean Items Off Before Storing – Give all decorations, especially those that have been outside, a good cleaning before packing them up.

Tip #10: Place Linens on Top – Holiday tablecloths, napkins and tree skirts should be placed on top when packing. That way the weight of other items don’t cause creases.

Tip #11: Store in a Climate-Controlled, Dry Place – We understand if the only available spot is in the attic. But if you want the best protection for your decorations, it’s best to store them in a place that is guaranteed to be dry and not subject to temperature extremes that go above or below 50-80° F. Consider getting containers that are designed to be stored under beds or organize an indoor closet so you can utilize more of its space.


If you need help Square Cow Movers offers professional packing services that take all the stress out of holiday décor storage. We can even move it all to a storage unit if you keep holiday items in a location outside of your home. Give us a call or fill out our online form for a custom, instant moving quote!

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