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Prepare for Fall With These Yard Projects - Square Cow Moovers

Fall is finally right around the corner – even though it doesn’t feel like it some days. You’re probably already getting your home ready by testing the heater, weatherizing around doors and busting out the cozy blankets. As the seasons change, adjustments have to also be made out in the yard to prepare plants for the winter weather conditions.

Like moving into a new home, yard projects tend to be easier in the fall when the temperature has cooled off and there’s less activity outside. Taking a few extra steps to prepare your lawn and garden now will help protect plants during the winter so things look a lot healthier next spring.

Give the Lawn One More Good Mow

Grass is still growing and absorbing nutrients as the weather cools off in the fall, which means it will continue to grow at a fairly regular pace. Before winter fully sets in, give your lawn one last mow on the lowest blade setting. Cutting the lawn down low will help more sunlight get to the crown of the grass during the shorter days.

Fertilize in the Fall

Lawn experts will tell you, if you only fertilize once a year fall is the time to do it. Fertilizing before winter will help grass retain nutrients and continue to grow a healthy root system. A dry fertilizer applied with a drop spreader is usually the best option for complete coverage.

Clean Up All the Clutter

Right now insects are looking for a place to bunker down for the winter, and random clutter can quickly become a shelter. Clutter out in the yard will also become trash if it sits out exposed in the elements during winter.

Trim Back the Limbs

All it takes is one good storm to break a tree limb loose. If that limb is over your house you’ll find yourself dealing with broken shingles, damaged siding or a broken window right when the weather is starting to get worse. Tree limbs and vegetation that touch the home also gives pests an easy route inside when they’re looking for a spot to overwinter.

Prep Your Fall Garden

Fall is one of two big planting seasons. Right now the soil is still warm and nutrient rich, which provides perfect growing conditions for a variety of perennials, bushes, shrubs and flowers. There are also a number of garden vegetables that thrive in winter as long as they are planted early in the fall.

Start a Raking Schedule

Raking is one of those house chores that always gets put off, but letting leaves sit on the lawn can damage the grass and create fungal disease. Come up with a schedule for raking the yard once a week. To make it easier you can share the chore with other family members or take it one section at a time so it’s less time consuming.

Lay Down Fresh Mulch

Mulch acts like insulation for plants during the cold winter months.  Laying down fresh mulch around flowerbeds, trees and the base of shrubs provides an extra layer of protection that can make a difference in whether they live or die. Mulch should be about 2-3 inches thick, however you have to be careful not to cover the crown of perennials, or they may rot.

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