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Parent Pain Points When College Kids Move Back In - Square Cow Moovers

It’s that time of year again when college students are cramming for finals, and parents are getting things ready before they move back home for the summer. Kids may be less than thrilled after being on their own for a few semesters, but it isn’t always a walk in the park for parents either.

Being headquartered in a college town has given Square Cow Movers the opportunity to help a lot of families move in Central Texas at the start and end of the academic year. After adjusting to life with their kid away at college, moving them back in can be surprisingly difficult.

Parents Lose Me Time

Sending a kid off to college is bittersweet for any parent. It’s extremely sad to see your little bird leave the nest, but you know it has to happen at some point. When your kid is off on their own and needs a lot less of your time and attention, it stings a little at first. After a while, parents start easing into their new lifestyle.

That’s when you realize you have a lot more time for yourself. That hobby you never got into because you were busy taking kids to practice and school. And those precious hours where you can unwind in peace and quiet are much easier to come by.

But then they come back for the summer. That’s when you really realize how amazing me time can be. It’s no coincidence that seeing your kid off at the start of sophomore year is much easier than the first time around.

Parents Have to Hear “I’m Not a Kid Anymore” a Million Times

Trying to parent a college kid isn’t easy. After having a few semesters of freedom, any time you try to lay down ground rules the common response you get is, “I’m not a kid anymore.” Yes, college students are technically adults, but they quickly forget they often don’t act like grown ups. You know, they forget about grown up things like rent, cleaning up after themselves, doing their own laundry, and cooking their own meals.

The Grocery Bill Goes Up

Speaking of meals, somehow those groceries you buy don’t seem to last nearly as long when your kid is home from college. Snacks get devoured in hours, ingredients go missing in a matter of days and the sink is suspiciously full all the time. The worst part is when they don’t even leave you leftovers.

Of course, the second you bring up their impressive food consumption you hear again how they aren’t a child.

The Utility Bill Does Up Too

The one time you actually encourage your kids to sleep in is when they are back home from college for the summer. Because when they’re sleeping they aren’t taking long showers and letting the TV run while recharging their tablet and using their smart phone.

Your Bonus Room Isn’t a Bonus Anymore

You may not have completely transformed your kid’s bedroom, but chances are you’ve started thinking of ways you can use the extra space. When your kid is back for the summer those plans get put on hold. You just pray that they don’t stick anything else in the wall and that the floors don’t get roughed up too bad.

Long, Sleepless Nights

Whether you’re staying up waiting for your kid to come home or getting woken up when they finally arrive, a college student’s social life can seriously hinder sleep. It’s easy for college students to forget that not everyone can sleep in until noon on a Tuesday.

We know you love your kids with all your heart, but by the time August rolls around a move doesn’t seem so daunting. The team at Square Cow Movers provides a variety of moving services that ease the added stress and free you up to spend a little quality time as a family before the bird leaves the nest again. Call us today for an estimate or use the online form to get an instant moving quote!

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