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A couple that have just moved into their house unpack a box together. Melbourne Australia.

Moving is an expensive endeavor.  Who wouldn’t want to save money where they could?  Using professional movers is not as cost effective as using the labor of friends and family members; however, you will have less stress and less potential mishaps with professionals.  Skimping on the most stressful day, moving day, is not advisable.  One of the areas where you can save money during a move is the packing stage.  If you can begin the packing stage early enough, the extra time will allow you to use more creative ways to save money.

Packing on a budget allows you to use your funds towards other necessary moving expenses and cuts down on unnecessary waste.  Who wants to deal with tons of crumpled up paper and empty moving boxes that need to broken down at the end of a move?  With these packing tips, you can save money, conserve materials and pack in an eco-friendly way.

Using these tips can help you save money and your sanity during your next move!

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