The easiest way to get all of your stuff into the truck when you plan to relocate is really quite simple. Jack your entire house up-in-the-air around 22-feet. Turn the truck on its nose. Tilt the house 90-degrees so that the front door lines-up with the back end of the van. Open the front door and tap on the back door until everything in your house falls into the truck.

You’ll probably end up breaking a coffee cup or two, but at least everything has been dumped into the van.

Another Way to Pack

We always like to leave you with options. Here’s a different approach that we wholeheartedly recommend. Collect these tools and materials:

Ready, Set, Pack

Before stuffing your goodies into containers, try to schedule your move during the work week. That way most everything is open. Then there’s this:

There was once this wise fellow who was known as the guy who said he liked Remington razors so much that he bought the company. His name was Victor Kiam. A sage quote he left behind when he passed in 2001 should be an inspiration to everyone who’s relocating to another place. He said, “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.”