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At Square Cow Movers we’re usually the one doing the moving, but recently owner Wade Lombard was the movee. It had been a while since Wade made a move of his own, and he noticed a few things while being on the other side of a move. Here’s a look at the observations of a mover when they are the one being moved.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Having a Lot of Things

Movers are hired to move things. Some clients have more than others, but no matter how many boxes or pieces of furniture have to be moved the job is the same. Professional movers are going to take the time to evaluate the needs of the move beforehand to provide the most accurate quote and prepare the movers so they know what to expect before they get to your house.

Don’t Feel Bad for Having Heavy Items

Just as with the quantity of items, homeowners should never feel bad about having heavy items. Heavy lifting comes with the moving territory, and moving bovines like the guys at Square Cow Movers can handle it.

Know Where You Want the Furniture

Moving heavy furniture around is to be expected, but having to hold it for extended periods of time can be exhausting. One way of minimizing the time the heavy items are held is by having a plan for where you want to put your furniture. If possible, visit the property before the move and make a note of where everything goes. Before the movers take hold of a heavy item make sure they know where it’s going. That way the movers aren’t stuck holding a heavy piece of furniture or having to move it more than once.

Don’t Rush Yourself

Moves can be stressful enough without feeling like you’re under the gun. Many people believe everything needs to be packed and unpacked all in one day, but that’s not always the case. Professional moving companies like Square Cow Movers can help a client pack on one day, keep things locked up tight in the truck overnight, then unpack them the next day. It’s much more relaxed, no one feels rushed and there’s a much better chance everything will get done without any mistakes or mishaps.

When you work with us there’s no need to feel bad about making us work! Our Texas movers are here to help make the move as easy as possible on our clients, not the other way around.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/observations-of-a-mover-when-they-are-the-one-being-moved/