Have you ever picked up one of those glossy magazine and taken a style quiz?   You know the magazines featuring some hot, young bullock on the cover with a promise to help you discern whether your style is more Holstein or Jersey?

Girl in Cow Costume - Square Cow Moovers

Perhaps you have never taken a cow style quiz, but we recommend taking our Square Cow Movers moving style quiz to determine what your moving+packing methodology is!

Which best describes you?

1.  You have been invited to a costume party for Halloween…

A.  You have carefully planned coordinating outfits for your entire family and all of the costumes have been lovingly homemade, no store-bought costumes for your family!

B. It’s a few hours before the party is set to begin and you are trying to scrounge up a costume.  You have two choices: the beret from last winter and a white shirt transform you into a director or with some old oversized clothes you can turn       yourself into a hobo.

2.  You do your Christmas shopping…

A.  In the summertime. You can find the best deals by shopping in the off-season.  The holiday hustle and bustle isn’t for you, you prefer to sit back with some hot chocolate and listen to some Christmas Carols while everyone else scurries about looking for last-minute gifts.

B.  At the last minute.  You will pay extra for expedited shipping so your items will arrive in time.  How late is the drug store open again?

3.  You book your hair appointments…

A.  Three months in advance.  Good stylists are really hard to come by and your stylist books up fast!  Plus you know your hair will be looking great for every important occasion.

B.  Whenever you feel like it.  You get up in the morning and realize your hair is looking a little shaggy with some long dead ends.  Make a mental note to call the salon tomorrow (or next week).

4.  You have invited another couple over to dinner on Friday night so…

A.  You picked out a new recipe you have been meaning to try, bought double the ingredients and did a practice run of your “new speciality” a week before, just to make sure everything tastes delicious.

B.  There is nothing in the fridge, pantry or freezer, not even a measly frozen meal or some rice.  Looks like it’s time to order some pizza from your favorite little local pizzeria that delivers!

The Results:

Mostly A’s – You are a super-duper organizer, just don’t pack everything too soon!  We recommend that you pack a box a day to pace yourself.  As time goes on you will use fewer and fewer things as moving day gets closer, this way your whole kitchen isn’t packed away with still a month to go!

Mostly B’s – You are a fly-by-the-seat-of your-pants super star! Don’t worry about packing months in advance.  Let’s get real, we all know that the night before a big move, you will be frantically throwing things in a box and pulling an awesome all-nighter.  There’s nothing like a little pressure to help you meet your deadline!

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/gogogadgetscott/2308614661

Original Source: squarecowmovers.com/moving-packing-methodologies-which-one-is-for-you