Moving to an Apartment/Condo/High-Rise

If you are moving to an apartment, condo or high-rise there may be a little more planning involved in your move.  Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Certain condos, apartments or high-rises may have regulations or rules about what times or days you can move on.
  • These types of living spaces may also have regulations or rules about where you can park large trucks.  There may be a separate designated space for moving and large trucks.
  • Don’t expect to be able to use the main elevator, you may have to use a back or freight elevator.
  • If you have a large piece of furniture make sure to measure doorways, so you know if the piece of furniture will fit.  Check windows to see if that may be an option as an entry point for the large piece of furniture.
  • Try and be considerate of neighbors when moving.  Don’t forget both neighbors to either side of your apartment and neighbors below.  There may be certain rules about when you can move in and the noise associated with that.  However, early in the morning or late at night may not be the best times to rearrange furniture or hang pictures!