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We’ve all heard the saying, “A man who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client.” You can use the same admonition for a boss who thinks he can buy the employees a pizza and ask the staff to move an entire office. Don’t push the fool button. Hire Austin movers when you’re relocating your business to another part of the town or to a different state.

You and the people who collect their paychecks from Mr. Big will have more than enough to do to get ready for moving day. Literally carrying desks, computers, filing cabinets, chairs, potted plants and the coin-operated concession machine you bought from Sam’s Club – and packed – is a bit much to ask.

All That Prep

Before you begin the process call an “All hands on deck” meeting. Pick a person to take “minutes” to be emailed to everyone on staff afterwards. Spell-out in great detail what’s about to happen in the next couple of months. Ask the employees to take copious notes. Create teams, letting those groups elect a manager. Request that every manager to draw up a list of “must dos,” to report to you daily on the progress. Hand out additional assignments. And leave your door open in the days to come for suggestions on particular matters you may have missed. Open communication among the entire gang is vital.

Brass Tacks

The first thing that everyone can do is put the stuff you don’t use regularly in boxes. Start this project about a month in advance. Make sure two full lists are printed-out for every box, telling the contents of each-and-every container. Slip one in the box and tape another to the outside.

Each individual is not only responsible for helping to pack their department; they should also be the master of their desk, cubicle or office. To repeat: Labeling is critical, top-to-bottom. But before that, crate-up all the junk that’s in the hallways and corridors. That stuff is for show. Pictures, art objects go first. Plants – living things, like Manny, who always seems to be in the corridor – should be last.

What Stays, What Goes

If your employees are still using computers made in the 90’s, running on Windows “Bob,” maybe it’s time to upgrade your technology. Donate the old things to someone who only uses such devices to play “Solitaire.”

Are the desks made of steel and look like a World War 2 army-issued thingie? Take this opportunity to give the furniture to a factory that still makes buggy whips or recycle it.

The point is, don’t move debris that’s not getting any younger. Weed-out the ancient items, get something new. The investment is very helpful at tax time. This might be a good opportunity to research new and better products/services – phones, Internet services, copiers and Manny.

Enlist the help of someone in the office who has demonstrated skills in drawing. Head over to the new site. Plot-out what goes where. To do this, you’ll need to have the exact dimensions of the new space and the measurements of what’s making the move. Graph paper was made for such an endeavor.

Big consideration: Workflow. You want to arrange everything so that when the business is up-and-running, an employee doesn’t have to lumber across a large area to hand an invoice to the next person in the supply chain. Streamline the operations.

Be prepared. All along the way unexpected matters occur. Flexibility is key here. After all, what if someone forgot to poke holes in the box where you’re packing Manny?