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They protect our country. Service-people are occasionally under harm’s way. And as an old Army song goes “You’ll never get rich / by digging a ditch / you’re in the Army now!” To say it’s a stressful gig for both the enlistee and their family puts it mildly. Imagine living everyday knowing that the people of America are depending on you to do your job – sometimes at the business-end of a powerful weapon.

Bug Out

Not only do they honor us with their courage, military families experience this extra added distraction called Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Permanent? Yeah, right?

That means you have to move around every-so-often. Strange new places, most likely from one base to another. It could stay for a month or a year, but it’s quite likely to happen.

Blowing-Off a Little Stress

The only difference between moving a military family or one who chooses to move is that the relocation generally shoots-up overnight. Try these tips to release some stream from the kettle:

Beyond that, here are a few websites that can lend a hand when slipping out-of-town:

One final thing. If there’s a place to store the empty boxes, keep as many as you can. Odds are you’ll be doing this again.