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How long have you lived in your house? You consider yourselves as extensions of Mr. or Ms. America. If you’re answer is 7-years, you’re outside the norm. On average, we pull-up stakes a few years short of a decade for greener pastures.

Those who rent their furniture because they work for a company that’s transplanting their star employee a couple times a year; the company probably has an entire division under Human Resources that do the heavy lifting. So, you may not need this sage advice we’re about to impart.

Best Advice

square cow movers - Square Cow Moovers

Hire Austin moving companies like us that has a fire in our belly and moooving in our blood. Those that have to split overnight, the movers will handle the packing. But if you’re like the rest of us, don’t be afraid to handle some of the stuff on your own. Things like the computer (unless you’re a tech-savvy kind of human being and have a tablet), the kitchen junk and anything you relish as a “can’t do without” keepsake.

But before boxing the knicks-and-knacks, take-out the digital camera and start shooting everything in sight, especially individual pieces of jewelry. Snap-away at other possessions like tables, chairs, antiques, living room furniture and bookcases.  Most people forget to take some pictures of areas of your house that do not have large doorways. Got a second floor? Shoot the stairwell – top, bottom and in between. Do that as additional proof as to where something may have gone south.

This is the most critical thing to do.

Those digital pictures you took will help you with any claims you may encounter. Have your significant other follow you around with a tablet of legal paper and a pen, physically writing down your stuff with an estimate of worth.

You will want to talk to the agent who handles your insurance and buy a policy to protect you from an unforeseen circumstance. We covered this issue in a previous article. Scroll around and look for the one simply titled: “Moving Insurance.” It explains the ins-and-outs and the various coverages you can purchase.

We always like to remind the client that you want to get an estimate from the person or people who will actually be doing the work. Brokers are great folk, but their estimates can occasionally be way-off the mark. And make sure you book your move as much in advance, once-or-twice ringing them up in between to ensure that the deal remains on schedule.

Any Questions?

Well, if you can’t think of any, we’ve got a few to pose to the boss of the shop:

The thing that shows you’re good people is the tip after the move. Each person should get at least 50-bucks. Always leave them smiling.