Christmas with the Kids

A move during Christmas break can completely derail the holidays for a family. Moves can be tough enough on kids as it is, so it’s important to work in time to celebrate the season whenever possible. Our moving elves have complied a list of their favorite holiday moving ideas that are sure to make this Christmas the most memorable one yet.


Track Santa’s Moves So He Can Find You

Kids are understandably going to be worried about jolly old St. Nick finding them if they make a move before Christmas Day. One way to ease their mind is by doing a Santa tracker so that kids can keep an eye on what he’s doing. These online trackers showed up several years ago, and they are super fun whether you’re on the move or already settled.

If kids can see what Santa is doing they’ll feel better knowing he can probably see them too. Trackers to try:

Google Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker – comes back on December 1

ALSO: Have your kids write Santa a letter letting him know when they’ll be moving and what the new address will be.


Get a Small Potted Tree in Place of the Full Size Version

For kids the Christmas tree is a big deal, but the size doesn’t matter as much as simply having one. You can find little potted Christmas trees in many stores during the holidays. This is a great option if you’re in the middle of a move since they are easy to set up and transport to your next home or even a motel. Instead of breaking out all of the ornaments, dress the tree up with disposable decorations like candy canes and popcorn strings, or ribbons that can be tied on so they won’t come off during transit.

BONUS: You can plant the tree in your new yard or keep it potted and make it the kids’ own miniature Christmas tree next year.


Family Movie Time

Even if your DVDs are all boxed up you can get the family together for a special holiday movie night. Netflix Instant is a great option, and they have a huge selection of holiday movies to choose from. Red Box is also a possibility, however you’ll be limited to newer films. If you have Wi-Fi it may be worth investing in a Chromecast. This handy little gadget plugs into your TV’s and connects with smartphones, laptops or tablets, instantly streaming what you’re playing directly on the TV.


Make Time for Your Favorite Holiday Event

Moving takes up a lot of your free time, but everyone needs a break every now and then to keep sane. Plan in advance to schedule in off time so you can take part in one or two of your favorite local Christmas activities before the move. This is a must if you’re moving out of town. Coordinate with other parents so your kids can also spend a little time with their friends during the event. Once you get to your new home, holiday events give you a good reason to take a break from unpacking so you can get out and explore your new city.


Have Holiday Fun While You’re Packing

Packing may not seem like a fun affair, but during the holiday season you can bring a little joy to the chore by playing festive holiday music and getting the whole family involved. Another way to have fun is to decorate your moving boxes. Let your kids draw winter Christmas scenes on the boxes, wrap them with ribbons and stick bows on top.


The easiest way to ensure you have time to celebrate the holiday season during a move is to get a little help from professional movers. Square Cow Movers is a family-owned business, so we completely understand how important it is to spend time with your loved ones during Christmas. We work with clients every step of the way to make the process as easy and efficient as possible so you can make memories instead of stressing about the move.

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