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Seeing a New Year’s resolution through to completion may be the Holy Grail of all goals.  The trick isn’t accomplishing your objective as much as it is persevering with your plan.  Set yourself up for success by following these tips to help make your New Year’s resolution stick.

Make Your Goal Measurable

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions involves good health. However, how do you measure good health?  Is it losing a certain amount of weight?  Being able to run a mile in eight minutes or less?  Be specific when defining your goals, so you can accurately measure your success.  A measurable goal will also help you build up to your objective and break it down.

Begin with the End in Mind

Have you ever turned in a term paper or worked to meet a major deadline?  If so, you have the skills to work backwards.  Create a timeline for your New Year’s resolution by working backwards from the goal completion date. Break your goal down into manageable chunks and then meet specific milestones along the way.

But First, Why?

Before you begin, question your motives.  If your resolution is a superficial cover for something else, you won’t really “fix” anything by meeting your objective. There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve something or better yourself, but connecting with your deeper intentions will help you stick with your goal long past the first 30 days.

Enlist Help

A workout buddy or accountability partner may be just what you need to stick with your New Year’s resolution.  You will know what works best for you.  Don’t be afraid to reach out or ask for help when it comes to meeting your objective.

Schedule Time

Build time into your day or week to meet your goal by blocking out time in your calendar.  This will help eliminate the excuse of not having time to work towards your resolution. A previously scheduled event is harder to cancel than one that was never on the calendar.

Approach Your Goal with Grace

Sometimes, we are hardest on ourselves.  If you don’t make as much progress as quickly as you would like or experience a setback, give yourself the grace to brush yourself off and get back up. Slow progress or some progress is better than no progress.  If you are hard on yourself, you may become discouraged and give up altogether. 

Happy New Year!  We hope these tips will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution.

Original Source:  https://squarecowmovers.com/make-new-years-resolution-stick/