MacGyvering Dorm Furniture - Square Cow Moovers

Moving into a dorm inherently means you’ll need to downsize. If you had your own room at home, sharing a dorm room with another student means you’ll probably have even less space to work with than before. Because most dorm rooms come furnished with the basic necessities, your furniture will likely get left back home.

Many students like to put their own personal stamp on their dorm room with décor. But if you like to DIY (we’re looking at you engineering and design majors), you can also MacGyver together a few pieces of dorm room furniture.

Hanging Coat Rack

Don’t have enough floor space for an extra dresser? Then make a multi-purpose coat rack that hangs on the wall instead. Shelving and racks are a great way to maximize what can fit in a small space like a dorm room. In just 15 minutes you can put together this hanging coat rack and avoid the hassle of trying to squeeze in furniture with drawers.

DIY Fabric Pouf

Furniture that does double duty can help you make the most of your dorm room space. Poufs have become super popular because of their versatility – they can be a seat, ottoman or a makeshift spot for your laptop.

This DIY fabric pouf project is great for anyone that has access to the theater school’s costume department. You’ll need to gather up basic sewing supplies along with an old sheet for the exterior, polyfill fiber and about 10-15 old towels or a thick blanket for the stuffing.

Beaker Lamp

Calling all chemistry majors! Take a page right out of a textbook with a beaker lamp. All you need is a beaker, beaker stand, old school Edison bulb and a glass plate. You’ll need to find a glass store or make friends with someone in the art department who can cut out the bottom of your beaker so the bulb can fit. Next, get an electrical engineering student to help you wire the bulb so it can plug directly into the wall.

Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair

Dorm life isn’t complete without a bean bag chair. But why buy one when you can make your own? DIY guru Bob Vila has come up with five ways you can make your own bean bag furniture. There’s even a waterproof option for lucky students that have a community pool.

Add Privacy With a Homemade a Canopy Bed

Crafty college students will get a kick out of this fun project that makes your bed more private and totally awesome to look at. The typical dorm room bed is a twin that’s devoid of a headboard and footboard. In other words, it’s basically a mattress on a box spring.

After Anthropologie (the store, not to be confused with the class) made a cardboard bed canopy as a part of its display, DIYers immediately started making their own versions. But it takes a long time and a lot of patience. Luckily there are plenty of other ways to DIY a canopy bed. Our favorite is to drape gauzy material over a hula hoop, although solid fabric will provide more privacy.

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Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/macgyvering-dorm-furniture/