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Image Credit: www.andreabaker.com
Image Credit: www.andreabaker.com

The second installment of our Lessons from HGTV series is about the things you may or may not yell at your TV screen during a House Hunters episode.  If we have to hear another potential home buyer complain about the paint color, we may shed our spots!  A young couple goes to look at a house, but alas, the current owners have three little girls and have painted all the upstairs bedrooms pink!  The young couple with only a son, cannot get over the daunting amount of pink paint and comment frequently on the unsuitability of pink bedrooms.  You, the frustrated viewer watching at home, voice the obvious and easy fix, paint the rooms.

There are some things that paint won’t cover up.  An easy cosmetic may not fix all the problems on a certain property.  The location of a home, the layout and flow of a house, and sometimes the size are things that may not be easily and economically changed.  However, the colors of the walls or a scuffed linoleum kitchen, shouldn’t deter you from making a home purchase.  Selling your home, buying a new one and moving can all be very stressful.  Hopefully, when the times comes to move by hiring Square Cow Movers, you can greatly reduce the stress associated with moving.  When it comes to buying a home, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Here are 9 of the easiest and cheapest cosmetic fixes you can make to your new home.

Do you have any quick fixes to share?