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As a kid moving can have a pretty big impact on your life.  Kids may be concerned with leaving their friends, going to a new school, or leaving their old room.  Part of this may be a due to a lack of full understanding, usually a little life experience and maturity may help bring moving into perspective.  But what happens when you grow up and find yourself experiencing some of the same feelings?  What happens when you move and leave the house you love?  It’s no longer simply about just “your room”, but the whole house, the feeling of comfort and sense of home you derive from your house.  People may feel attached to a house for any number of reasons.  Whether it’s a “honeymoon house”, the first house a couple moves in together as a married couple, or the house where children are born and take their first steps, there is no denying that you can become sentimental about the space you live in and the walls that surround you while life takes place.  As an adult are you attached to the home you are leaving, or is it simply the next step?