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How we treat what you entrust us to move separates our herd from the rest.  We understand how vulnerable families feel during a move, so we work relentlessly to show respect and care towards our clients’ things.  In an effort to galvanize this culture of respect and care for our clients’ belongings, we started a new campaign: I.P.R. – Inspect it, Protect it, Respect it.

Wade Lombard, one of the three Square Cow Movers owners, explains how they train herd members to inspect, protect and respect customers’ valuables.

“It’s all in those three words.  Every time we approach an item—a piece of furniture, an appliance.  We first Inspect it.  Look for previous damage, determine the best way to care for it, does it have fragile legs, removable shelves, etc. Next, Protect it.  Step two is to protect the items properly.  Pad it, stretch wrap it, bubble wrap it, etc. Lastly and overall, Respect it.”

Square Cow Movers Team Members carry the I.P.R. mindset with them to every move.  By taking the time to train our herd members, we intend that our clients will see the difference in how we approach and execute a move. “This campaign has the ability to leak into every facet of our business,” explains Wade, “Customer satisfaction goes up, our mangers jobs become easier, the movers are more proud of their work, and less time and money are spent repairing issues caused by improper moving techniques.”

You experience a gut check when you see all your earthly possessions loaded into a truck.  This isn’t just another move, our clients are putting their faith in us to move what’s most important, and that is our entire job.  If it matters to you, it matters to us.  Through daily living, this experience with our clients, we developed I.P.R. to further solidify our team’s care for your stuff. This program also allows for Square Cow Movers to communicate to customers how we are constantly training our team to be better, to work smarter and pay more attention to the details for a smoother and safer moving experience.  When asked what he would like current or future clients to know about I.P.R., Wade replied, “I.P.R. was birthed from the idea that we can do better.  We can be more mindful and thoughtful.  It really all goes back to them, our clients.”

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/inspect-protect-respect/