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Professional movers have plenty of incentives for helping you move. But your kids are a different story. The summer is seen as a time to take a break from school and other commitments. Needless to say, if you’re planning a move this summer getting the kids motivated to help out may prove to be difficult.

Forcing your kids to help out can get results, but they probably won’t be happy about it the entire time. Managing poor attitudes can end up being more work than doing everything on your own. The best way to get your youngest family members on board is to provide incentives. And not just any incentives, the right incentives that will make them eager to lend a helping hand.

Important Notes on Incentives & Kids

Incentives aren’t punishments or bribes. They are something that’s desirable and matter to the person you are trying to motivate. What works as an incentive for one person won’t necessarily work for another. That’s why it’s important to come up with unique incentives for each child. To make this a little easier we’ve provided a few ideas for kids at different ages.

You’ll also need to clearly state the parameters involved with the incentives. Attach rewards to tasks that are done at a certain quality level, just like you would for things like good grades. The more work they do, the bigger the reward will be or the more rewards they will receive. Research has also found that when a kid is given a selection of incentives to choose from their behavior is much more likely to change.

Fortunately, since moving is a one-time thing there shouldn’t be any concerns with incentives de-motivating your kids to pull their own weight in general. However, if your kid is already willing to help out during the move the incentives can end up being a distraction. When this is the case, instead of making the incentive a result of required work, make it a surprise after your child has helped out. 

Moving Incentives for Elementary Age Kids

Moving Incentives for Tweens

Moving Incentives for Teens

Still need a few extra helping hands for your move? At Square Cow Movers we have teams that are ready to do the heavy lifting for families that are moving to The Woodlands, Houston, Austin and anywhere else in Central Texas. Our movers will do an exemplary job – no extra incentives required!

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