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When you’ve outgrown your barn it’s time to find a place where you can continue to grow your business. There’s just one problem – moving from one place to the next can actually disrupt the workflow and cause production to take a nosedive.


What’s a farmer to do when he’s moving everything to a new location? Here’s what we’ve learned about keeping the workday productive by helping businesses move in Austin.

Have a Moving Manager

With any other project you probably have a team lead or manager. An office move is a big project that requires the coordination of a lot of people, months of planning and juggling numerous balls at once.

Having a go-to person that’s in charge of coordinating everything will make things go as smoothly as possible. This person, usually the office manager, will keep things in order by handling all the scheduling, assigning tasks to different people and keeping everyone up to speed with what’s going on each step of the way.

Have a Clear Agenda for Each Employee

If employees know what to expect they can plan accordingly. Planning ahead usually translates into improved productivity. Well before the move create a clear agenda for each person in the office that lays out what will happen and what’s expected of them.

Here are a few things you’ll want employees to put on their to-do lists:

·      Inform clients, vendors, etc. that the move is occurring.

·      Any moving tasks that have been assigned specifically to them.

·      Prep for the move the afternoon before it’s scheduled to occur.

Plan to Move on the Least Productive Day of the Week

The last thing you want to do is throw a wrench in the gears of your most productive days. If at all possible, schedule the move for the weekend. That way, employees don’t have to take time out of their day and deal with disruptions beyond prepping their desk, etc. the Friday before.


If a weekend move isn’t an option then go for the next best thing – Friday. Statistically speaking, Friday is the least productive day of the week in general. By planning the move for a Friday you’ll minimize the negative production impact. The day you want to avoid is Tuesday – the most productive day of the week in most offices.

Likewise, if you know something important is happening on a certain day – a big meeting, the launch of a new product, etc. – avoid moving the day before, day of and day after the big event.

Hire Professional Movers

The idea here is pretty simple. Professional movers can handle the workload so that employees aren’t distracted from their daily work. Bringing in a few helping hands will ensure everyone can stay on track and that things get done as efficiently as possible.

Consider Having a Work From Home Day

In this day and age for many professions a lot of work can be done as long as you have an internet connection. Speaking of which, your connections may not be reliable or up and running in your new office on the day of a move. If you’ve been wanting to test the working from home waters now is a perfect time to test it out.

In the thick of things you may question why you’re uprooting everything to move your office. Sure, things are going to get slowed down during the move, but keep focused on how your new space will help you be that much more productive in the long run.

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