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Your dog is a faithful, loving companion. Wherever you go, your pooch wants to follow. But that doesn’t mean leaving behind their old home is easy.

Moving to a new home is a big change that’s stressful for the entire family, including the furry members. You may notice your dog licking more, eating less, or behaving differently. It can take them a lot of time to get used to being in a new place and feeling comfortable again.

Help your pooch pal out by giving them a paw up during the adjustment phase.

Keep Yourself Calm

Dogs are highly perceptible to human emotions. They feed off of our energy. If you’re a ball of stress during the move and getting settled into the new home your dog will be too.

Take Your Dog for Walks Around the New Neighborhood Before You Move

If possible, give your dog a preview of the new neighborhood. Take them for a walk around the area as much as possible before moving day. By the time you’re ready to move, they’ll already be familiar with the area and feel a lot more comfortable.

Don’t Wash Dog Beds and Blankets

The familiar scent of your dog’s beds and blankets will be very comforting in a new home where nothing else smells the same.

Get Into the Same Old Routines as Quickly as Possible

Dogs like having a routine. Like people, it makes them feel more relaxed when they know what to expect. Try to establish your regular routines in the new house as quickly as possible. Feed them at the same time as you did in the last house. Go for walks on a regular basis and create a regular route. The quicker you can get into daily habits the easier it is for your dog to adjust.

Allow Them to Explore Inside and Out

Your dog will want to feel out their new environment and get a lay of the land. Allow them to explore the home both inside and out so they can get a feel for the new home. You may even want to walk them through the house and give them a personal tour. Just make sure the yard is nice and secure before you let Fido roam freely.

Arrange Things the Way You Had Them at the Last House

Try to set up sleeping and feeding areas in a similar way as the old house. The closer you can get to the old set up the easier it is for dogs to adjust.

Ease Them into Alone Time

It’s not a good idea to head off to work for a full day just after moving when your dog is in a new environment. They’ll feel pretty scared all by themselves in a house that they aren’t familiar with. Instead, try to ease them into alone time by staying at home the entire first day then leaving for short periods over the next few days.

And definitely don’t leave them alone unattended outside within the first few days. Some dogs will try to escape if they’re left alone in an unfamiliar place.

Spend Lots of Time Together

Lots of attention and affection will make your dog feel less on edge in their new environment. Even though you’ll be busy unpacking, it’s important to make time for your dog. Take breaks to play with their favorite toy or just cuddle. The residual benefit is you’ll feel more relaxed too! 

At Square Cow Movers we pride ourselves on our ability to ease the stress of moving for every family member. We’ll help you plan out the moving services and prepare for moving day so that your pets aren’t impacted by the hustle and bustle.

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