Moving at any time of the year can be like a wild rodeo, with so much going on it’s hard to focus and make sure everything gets done. But making a move during the holidays, that’s a completely different story.

While the holiday season brings cheer to others, it can seem like one big stress of added shopping, time constraints and to-dos for anyone in the middle of a move. Don’t let the moving make you a Grinch! You can still have holiday fun and get your moving done with these tips.


Decorate Your Moving Boxes

Instead of bland cardboard stacked up in the corner, you could have festively decorated holiday boxes. Wrap them like presents, color Christmas scenes on the side, or tape cut-outs of Santa and his reindeer to them. The possibilities are endless. You can even make it into a fun holiday project for your kids. Prep beforehand by getting together a slew of decorating supplies – markers, construction paper, tape, cotton balls for snow, wrapping paper and bows. After a box is taped up, hand it off to your kids so they can supply an artistic touch.

Give Yourself the Gift of Professional Packing

If ever professional packing services were warranted, it’s during the holidays. Make it an early Christmas gift to yourself that will cut down on the stress and free up your time so you can spend it with family and friends instead.

Save Your Decorations for Last

Hopefully you weren’t dissuaded from putting up the holiday decorations this year because you’re supposed to be packing things up, not unboxing them. Usually decorations are one of the first things that are loaded up because they are already stored away in containers, but during a holiday move save them for last and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them before moving day.

Downsize Your Decorating

While you shouldn’t forgo decorating, this isn’t the year to go all out either. Instead, just choose a select few items (we suggest the ones that are the easiest to pack) and leave the rest in their storage bins. As far as exterior lights go, the time needed to hang them could be put to better use packing up the garage and yard. A simple and quick way of decorating outdoors is to use inflatable Christmas balloons. They self-inflate in minutes and are just as easy to take down.

Keep Up the Family Traditions

Moving is emotional for most people, especially kids. The holidays only serve as a reminder of all the memories that were made in your home and how much you’ll miss it. Keeping up your family traditions is a great way to enjoy the last little bit of time you have in the house rather than just rush, rush, rush and packing, packing, packing.

Schedule in your traditions among all the moving deadlines so they don’t get missed. Whenever you move into the new house, carry on the holiday traditions as you always have to make it feel more like home.

Hide Little Presents in Packed Boxes

Unboxing isn’t as fun as unwrapping presents – unless there’s a present inside! When packing up, sneak little wrapped presents in with the other items. When you get to your new home, surprise everyone by announcing that the unpacking party will include a few gifts. They’ll be more interested in unboxing than you ever thought possible.


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