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There’s a lot of logistics involved in making an office move, and furniture is by far one of the most complex parts. Our move-happy bovines have moved a lot of offices all around Texas, and it ain’t easy. That’s why our experienced Square Cow Movers have put together an overview of their observations about making commercial office moves.


How to Determine if Your Furniture Will Work in the New Office

Before you move a stick of furniture into your new office you’ll need to determine how much is actually going with you. Sometimes it’s a matter of space, while other times it’s a matter of preference.

If you’re moving into a smaller office space there’s a good chance you’ll have to downsize the furniture. Even if the overall size is around the same square footage or larger than your current office the dimensions may make it difficult to fit your furniture into the new space. Measurements become vital in determining what all will make the move to the new office. If there’s furniture you aren’t taking with you see if you can’t sell it and get the buyers to pick it up. Many non-profits like Salvation Army will also pick up donated furniture.


Why Moving Furniture is Not a Task for Employees


Coordinate with the Moving Company

Many Austin and Houston moving companies have coordinators that can help with all the logistics of an office move. Our coordinators have been through countless office moves, and along the way they’ve learned how to handle just about every scenario, and they know what all needs to be taken care of ahead of time so that things go smoothly on moving day.

A few things they’ll work with you on before the business office move is getting measurements for things like doorways, hallways, etc. They’ll also want to know what floor you’re on, what kind of elevator or stairway access you have and how close they can get the truck to the door of the building. This way the movers can figure out the best way to move furniture in and out.

You’ll also need to work together to figure out the configuration of each room in the new office. Provide the moving coordinator with details for which furniture goes in which office, how cubicles are to be arranged, etc. When coming up with a plan keep in mind where all your phone jacks, Internet cable and electrical outlets are located.


Get Supplies Together Well Ahead of Time

Another benefit to hiring professional movers for an office relocation is that they already have the tools and supplies to move furniture. Things that you’ll need include:


Do Have Employees Clear Out Their Own Belongings

A day or two before the move provide each employee with a box or two so that they can clear out their desks. This will help things go much more efficiently and ensure that none of their belongings get lost or broken. Advise them to clear out everything except the electronics if the moving company is professionally packing those items as well.

If the boxes with their belongings are going to be packed up and moved by the moving company it’s best to suggest that employees put their personal affects in a separate box and hold onto it until after the move.


Is your Texas business making a move? At Square Cow Movers it’s our business to make sure your office move goes as smooth as possible. We’ll do the moving so you can keep working!




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