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After you have made the choice to add another member to your family, you will be faced with the next decision: to rescue, adopt, breed or buy? Good thing Square Cow Moovers are here to help!

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There are staunch supporters on both sides of the spectrum, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Why you Should Adopt:  

Why you Should Buy:

Cost and Health

Adopting a pet may have fewer costs upfront, but you may be on the hook for more medical bills in the long term.  You can’t know what happened to a stray that was found.  A vet may be able to determine some medical history, but you will never know exactly what that animal went through before it was found.  Also some animals that are surrendered to a shelter may have special needs that require extra care and cost more.

When you buy an animal from a reputable breeder, you can have a vet evaluate the pet from a young age. A reputable breeder will let you examine both the mother and father to see if they are healthy and they will let you visit their home to see the environment where the animals were born and spent their early months.  If a breeder doesn’t let you examine the parents or the animal’s first environment, don’t buy from that breeder.

Choice and the Perfect Fit

Most animals in a shelter are mixed breed and while they may display certain personality traits from each breed, you will be getting somewhat of a surprise.  Most breeds have been bred for years to exhibit not only a certain look, but specific personality traits, e.g. Golden Retrievers are known for their friendliness.  When you select a certain breed for their specific needs like their energy level and personality traits you will be able to select an almost perfect fit for your family.  While every individual animal is different, there are certain traits that hold true.

There are positives and negatives to both options, but you will have decide which is the best decision for your family.

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