We cows can’t say enough good things about clean, refreshing water. From the steers wallowing in pond waters out in the field to our Square Cow Movers that chug it down while moving in Austin, water helps us through the day.


Unfortunately, in other parts of the world clean drinking water isn’t so abundant. In Africa, lack of clean water is affecting the lives of millions of people. Without it they can’t grow food, stay healthy, stay in school and stay productive at work. For some, the search for clean water takes hours every day and is very physically demanding.

Water to Thrive is working to change all that. It is a local non-profit that’s based in Austin, TX but focused on areas with much bigger water problems. It’s main mission is to bring clean water to those that need it and bring attention to the global water crisis. Since 2008, Water to Thrive has backed over 300 water projects in Africa and this year it’s expanding their operation.

In order to keep its sponsorship promise and give 100% of its sponsorship donations to build wells, it has to raise its operations’ expenses separately. Water to Thrive accomplishes its goals with three annual Water to Thrive Signature Events. These events are great ways to build awareness in the community and raise the resources to advance its mission.

Chef’s Table Austin

The Austin event was a two-week online auction for fabulous multicourse dinners prepared by some of the city’s best chefs. Auction bidding is kicked-off with a launch party that provides the guests with the opportunity to be present while the auction menus were unveiled and to have the first opportunity to open the bidding, which continues online for the next two weeks. The annual Chef’s Table Austin is a great success for the non-profit organization.

Water to Thrive 5K

Each year, Water to Thrive hosts a 5K run for water to help support our mission and growth. Held at the Dell Diamond, the race brings together people from all over Central Texas to show their support for clean water. The event is a fun way for families, churches, and schools to come together for a great cause and a lot of fun. With face painting, snacks, live music, and other activities, the 5K has become a popular event in the Austin community.

Even if you aren’t an avid runner that’s okay! Participants are encouraged to walk or run because the most important thing isn’t winning, it’s knowing that each step brings others closer to clean water.
Wings of Love

Water to Thrive has committed supporters who have taken their level of involvement to a $1,000 or more to provide for operations and expansion.  In appreciation, Water to Thrive honors these supporters with the Wings of Love event where the organization provides and in-depth discussion of the work that is being completed because of the supporters faithful support.

If clean water is the cause that touches your heart, check-out Water to Thrive and don’t miss the opportunity to get involved at one of the Water to Thrive Signature Events and your chance to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

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Image Source: dairygood.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/waterstory2.jpg