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Last month, one of our herd leaders, Wade Lombard, had the incredible opportunity to speak in front of over 1,000 students at Lake Travis High School.  Wade was humbled to be able to share some of his wisdom and his family’s success with Square Cow Movers with the next generation.

The “Escaping Average” theme centered around Wade’s average beginning at life as a mediocre student, athlete and then employee at his first job out of college.  After Wade was fired, all that changed.

Wade sat down with his dad and brother-in-law to write out their business goals, which gave them a vision for what they hoped to accomplish.  In seven years Square Cow Movers has gone from 2 trucks to 27 and now employs over 100 herd members.

Their recipe for success?  “Effort and Attitude” explained Wade.  The only thing Wade had to say about effort was “get ready to sweat and be prepared to work hard.”  You will not escape average without hard work, but attitude is important too.  The herd leaders of Square Cow Movers discovered that it is easier to train guys with great attitudes to be awesome movers than it is to train good movers to have the right attitudes.

When it comes to attitude, Wade had 10 pointers for success.

Be BOLD – Be ready to make decisions and have confidence in your abilities.

Manners Matter – People appreciate good manners.  You will have more respect for your client if you speak to them with respect.

Just Ask – Don’t be afraid to ask about things or for things. At Square Cow Movers, they simply asked their clients for referrals and their clients complied.

Bad Attitudes are Cancerous – Bad attitudes breed more bad attitudes. Once a bad attitude takes hold, you will have to work hard to erase it.

Family Focused – You need to work hard with a goal in mind and that goal should NOT be money. Family is the Square Cow focus. It is the reason why they work as hard as they do.

Never Figure It Out – Don’t become complacent with your position.  You’re never too old, too wise, or too successful to learn something new.

Serve – Be ready to be helpful to people. Go above and beyond. Serve others with no expectations.  Serving does not mean that others will return the favor, but being helpful is valuable and vital to success.

Details are HUGE – “Every time I go to the office, I check that all movers have their shirts tucked in before they head off to a job and that the dashboards on the trucks are clean,” revealed Wade. These things matter to him, that his trucks are clean and his guys are clean-cut. These details make all the difference to the client and help Square Cow Movers stand out from the competition.

Grow Rhino Skin – You will have to have skin as thick as a rhino’s to withstand the negativity that comes with success.  You can’t be overly sensitive or offended about every little thing.

Give Back – One of the best things about experiencing success is being able to give back in a big way to others.  Don’t wait for success to give back, start helping others in whatever way you can now.

We hope this can inspire you to Escape Average too!

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/escaping-average-how-to-succeed-as-an-entrepre-mooer/