Today is Employee Appreciation Day! At Square Cow Movers, we feel that recognizing your employees is important to fostering a good work environment, increasing morale and making sure your employees know that you are grateful for their hard work.

This year, Derek and Wade will be cooking breakfast for all our guys. It’s one thing to cater food (which we do from time-to-time), but they want to honor all of our movers’ dedicated service to our clients by serving them in turn. Derek and Wade’s wives are also taking the time to make all the guys brown bag lunches to take with them out on their moves. This is one way we treat our team like family. As we continue to expand (which we are, rapidly) we are driven to never forget that service starts from the top, and that every member of the Square Cow Movers team is important. To our guys, thank you. You are everything to us.


We have discussed showing your employees appreciation before, but we want to share four more ways you can appreciate your employees on Employee Appreciation Day!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day – Some companies allow employees to bring their dogs to work year round: Google, Amazon, Anthropologie HQ, Build-A-Bear HQ, Klutz, and Cliff Bar and Company are just a few. The presence of dogs in the workplace can greatly reduce stress, increase productivity and morale, and even improve relationships between coworkers. Obviously dogs would not be appropriate in every workplace, but if you give your employees the opportunity to bring their dog to work you may be surprised by the results. Dogs have an incredible ability to break down barriers, reduce tension and some employees may find they have more in common than they previously thought. The ability to have their favorite canine companion by their side may greatly improve your employees’ satisfaction, and a little fun and trust helps your employees know they are appreciated.

Take Pen to Paper – You probably email your employees, or talk to them on the phone or in person on a daily basis, but how often do you hand write an appreciative note to your employees? Writing a little letter of gratitude thanking your employee for their hard work and praising their talents and strengths costs you nothing, but it can make a huge impact. Let your praise stand out by expressing it in an old-fashioned, but under-utilized, medium.

Start a Mentoring Program – If you want to foster longevity at your company, a mentoring program is a good place to start. Older employees can help younger employees learn the ropes while also establishing a meaningful working relationship. New employees will feel appreciated after being paired with a mentor, because it will demonstrate your desire to help them succeed and start a successful long-term career at your company. By asking your experienced employees to serve as mentors, you are displaying your confidence in their abilities and appreciation for their learned skills. A mentor program will help to inspire workplace camaraderie and help prepare all your employees for long-term success.

Free Day – When we say free day, we don’t mean a day off from work. We mean a day to work freely and creatively. Set up a 24-hour period where employees are able to work on whatever project they want with whoever they want. This new approach to letting your employees lead their work day may impress you with the results. By trusting your employees to create their own projects and partner groups you are expressing your confidence and appreciation for their abilities and insight. Be prepared to be surprised by the partner pairings and creative solutions!

How do you plan to appreciate your employees today? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+!


Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/employee-appreciation-day/