Square Cow and the Community: Pet Expo

Austin Pet Expo Dog Meme 8_2_13

Moving to a new area and community can be both exciting and challenging. If you move with little ones in tow, you will have to help them adjust to a new school and make new friends. There are many resources and even books written on helping your kids during a move, from getting used to a new room to transitioning to a new school. But what if your little ones are even tinier and covered in fur? We know that fur babies are important members of your family too! Some kids are just covered in fur, walk on all fours, can’t talk, and might have bad breath, but you love them just the same. We don’t discriminate because our own little calves walk on all fours and come covered in cowhide. If you are new to the Austin area and have important “fur children” of your own, head over to the Austin Pet Expo.

This expo is a great way for pet parents to find many resources in one place. On Saturday, August 3, 2013 from 10AM to 6PM, you can bring your pet to the Palmer Events Center to find everything your pet will need in one place. When you move to a new home, there are several things you will need to do for your dog or cat.

  • New ID-Get a new tag with your updated information. Don’t forget to put your new address on Fluffy’s collar in case he gets lost! If your dog or cat doesn’t already have a microchip, now is the perfect time to consider getting one. If you do have a microchip, don’t forget to go online and update your address information. There will be tons of clinics and exhibitors so you will be sure to find a plethora of tag designs and check prices for microchips. The Austin Pet Expo is even offering a discount on mircochipping.
  • Pet Health – Find a new vet. With over eighty exhibitors at the Pet Expo, you will have a large selection of vets and clinics to choose from. Before you just call the nearest vet, why not go meet with representatives from different clinics so you can vet your vet (hehe). The Austin Pet Expo will also be offering discounted vaccinations along with the opportunity to explore different heartworm and flea preventatives. Now is the time to compare all your different heartworm and flea preventative options, so you can select the best medicine for your dog.
  • Pet Products and Services – In your new home, you may need to protect your pet in a different way. Perhaps you are considering installing an invisible fence? Several exhibitors that provide a variety of pet products and services will be on hand, so you can explore all your options, needs and wants. FInd a new dog walker or pet sitter for those long workdays or occasional trips when you find yourself out of town. Perhaps what your house is missing is a commissioned portrait of your pet? If you have a spoiled pet, check out the many pet boutiques represented at the Pet Expo like “The Pooch House”.
  • New Friends – If you are looking to add a furry bundle of joy to your family, many different dog rescues will be at the expo with dogs available for adoption! You may even find an organization you would like to volunteer with. Hopefully, you might even find some other like minded pet parents and both you and your dogs can be instant friends! Now when is the next puppy playdate?

For more information: http://www.austinpetexpo.com/