Help! Lost Dog! How to find a lost dog in Austin

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We already wrote a guide on how to find a lost pet in The Woodlands, now learn how to find a lost pet in our udder favorite town, Austin.

  • Be Prepared –  Ben Franklin said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.  One way to make sure that you are prepared is by getting your pet a microchip.  Many people think a microchip will track your pet, but it really only works when the chip is scanned and brings up the owner’s information.  A microchip will make you feel more secure in case your pet gets lost and may help you find a lost pet quicker.
  • Look Online & In Person – The City of Austin website is a great resource for what steps to take if you have lost a pet.  The site suggests checking out shelters both online and in person.  Even we’re impressed with the online database of pets currently  in the shelters, but you may have better luck by visiting yourself.
  • The Usual Suspects – Don’t forget to hang flyers on community boards and around the neighborhood.  Take advantage of the opportunity to visit with new neighbors and find out where they would look for a lost pet in your area.

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