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What to do with those left over prescriptions?

What do you do with old prescriptions?  We previously discussed the potential risks and dangers of expired medicines, but what about a prescription that is unexpired but not fully used?  Many people keep these unused prescriptions around thinking they may come in handy.  If the same person who was originally sick becomes ill again, why not use the same prescription?  Other pragmatists may keep a partially full prescription on hand because if one kid was sick and gets his sibling sick with the same thing, shouldn’t the same prescription work?  Most people know that it is not safe to give a prescription that was meant for a seventy-year-old man to a child.  The medicine may not work the same way.  Most doctors would urge that only the person the prescription was intended for should use that prescription.  Taking an expired tylenol is a different story from re-using a prescription drug.  Typically prescription drugs require a prescription because they are a more serious drug and could be potentially risky if used in the wrong way.  Your safest and best bet is to get a prescription for each family member that requires one.