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For those of us who have ever carted our kids off to a petting zoo or a farm show, one of the highlights has got to be the little 6-week old piggies. “Can we take one home?” the child will inevitably ask. You look at your spouse, then your eyes turn to this 500-pound piggy, rolling around in the mud and you both think “not in a billion years.” But you respond kindly to the young’un, “Oh, we wish we could. Hey look over there at the baby chicks.”

Another bullet dodged as the kid runs over to the small birds. Thank god the little one has a short attention span.

Don’t Be a Pig

You’re going to need a box ‘o stuff that you’ll probably be putting in the trunk of your car after the movers have left. Collect these materials. They’re not just for cleaning up the place; these are things you’ll need until you settle into the new home:

Put all the materials in a couple of boxes, with “Do not move” written in a very obvious place on the containers.

SOP (Stomp Out Pigginess)

Whether you’re selling or renting, you want to leave behind a good impression. Especially if the place you’re moving from is a leased property. Leave it looking like the little piggies  and you’ll probably lose your security deposit or end-up in Small Claims Court. When sprucing up:

On our blog, there’s another article called “After the Move – Unpacking: A Practical Guide.” Take a look at it. The piece will give you some insight as to what you’ll do when you and the three little pigs get to the new house.