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couple in new houseThere comes a point in every relationship where you start to envision what it would be like to live with your significant other. It can be fun to imagine sharing a living space and saving a ton of money, but if you’ve ever lived with a roommate before you know it isn’t always sunshine and roses. Even so, moving into together is a big step in any relationship and should be carefully considered before hiring professional movers.

Every couple is different, but there are signs and situations that can help you decide if living together is the best move for your relationship.

5 Signs It’s a Good Time to Cohabitate

You Already Spend Every Night Together. If you’re already sleeping over at one another’s house every night of the week that could be a good sign that moving in with your significant other is a viable option.

You Respect Each Other’s Space. Being mindful of the other person’s space is a barometer for what it would be like living with each other. Having to adjust to living with someone else can be trying at times. If the other person is considerate and respect of your time, space and things then chances are good you could make living together work.

You’re on the Same Page With Where You Want the Relationship to Go. In all of your discussions together, is it clear that you and your partner envision the same future together? Couples that want the same thing in a relationship are at a point where living together could help move you closer to those goals.

You’re Best Friends. If your SO is your best friend and the first person you’d choose if you were forced to pick a roommate then going that route could be great. If you’ve seen them at their worst and still love them just as much you’re prepared to live together.

You’ve Overcome Issues and Arguments With Constructive Conversations. Virtually every couple has heated discussions every now and then. It’s how you handle the situation and recover from it that matters. If you and your partner sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye, but you’re still able to work through issues you should be able to handle the problems that crop up when you live with someone else.

5 Reasons to Remain in Your Own Home

Financial Reasons are the Basis for Living Together. Moving in primarily to save money isn’t a relationship decision, it’s a financial decision. If one person is having difficulty making ends meet the other probably wants to come to their rescue. But this can cause rocky romantic situations, particularly if one partner ends up carrying the bulk of the load. If you or your partner want to save money on living expenses, the better choice is to find a less expensive place to live or get a roommate.

One Person’s Lease is Coming to an End. Just like financial matters, a lease shouldn’t dictate your decision to move in together. One person could feel pressured to make room for their significant other or that they have to make the decision before they’re really ready to.

You Currently Have Completely Different Lifestyles. Opposites attract, which means you and your SO may be on completely different schedules, one person may be much more neat and orderly, etc. If you’re rubbing off on one another and still working towards a more similar lifestyle you may want to put off moving in together.

You Like Having Your Own Space. No one ever said partners had to live together. If you prefer to have your own personal space then it could be best to have two separate houses. You can still see each other every day and switch out sleeping at each others’ places, but you’ll have your own retreat when you need to focus or have alone time.

You’ve Broken Up Already. Some relationships have a little more drama or stress than others. If you’ve broken up in the past, especially if it was a recent occurrence, you need to stabilize your relationship before moving on to the next step.

Not Ready – No Problem!

If there are signs you’re ready to move in, but it just doesn’t feel like the right time or your current living situation is working just fine there’s no reason to change things. Today, even married couples with kids sometimes keep their own homes while sharing a life together.

Each couple is unique so don’t feel like you have to move in together because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Feel the situation out and have open, honest conversations with your significant other about the possibility of living together – if not now, maybe someday in the near future.

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