Sure, if money was no object or grew on trees we’d all hire house cleaners. Despite our best farming attempts the money tree still eludes us, so that brings up the question “when is it worth my hard earned cash to hire a house cleaner?”

House Cleaning Lady

House Cleaner Rates

Rates will vary from one city to the next, however housecleaning services are a little luxury and are priced accordingly. In Austin typical housecleaning rates can be anywhere between $20 an hour to upwards of $80 an hour.

Factors that affect the price include: how many people will be doing the cleaning, the types of rooms they’ll clean, the extent to which they clean and the cleaners they use.

How to Get a Better Deal

Look for promotions – From time to time house cleaners will offer deep discounts on Groupon for new customers. They’ll also adorn your door with coupons and flyers advertising reduced rates. Hold on to those if you’re considering the service.

Book the service for multiple cleaning sessions – If you have the ability to make the housecleaning more of a regular thing, at least for a period of time, then you may be able to get lower rates by opting for a package of multiple house cleanings.

Ask friends for references – You may be able to find a more affordable house cleaner by asking friends instead of asking Google. Referring their services may even help your friend get a little discount.

Times When It May Be Best to Hire a House Cleaner

When Time is of the Essence Before a Big Event

Selling your home and there just isn’t time to clean yourself before the close? Or maybe you’re throwing a big soiree and you have to choose between getting the refreshments and tidying up the place? These are instances where you have to bite the budget bullet and pay for a house cleaner because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

When You’re Physically Incapable

Nine months pregnant, broken leg, out of control allergies – it’s inevitable that we’ll all have times in our lives when we’re not in peak physical condition. When this happens it might be necessary to get a little housecleaning help to keep the health department at bay.

When You’re Selling Your Home

It’s crucial that the moment your house hits the market it looks its absolute best. If you aren’t the best house cleaner, don’t have the inclination or don’t have the time (see above) it’s time to hire a professional house cleaner. It’s very possible that you’ll make the money back and then some, by having a show-worthy home when buyers come through.

When You Could Be Making More Money Working Than Cleaning

What’s an hour’s worth of work worth to you? If your job isn’t a salaried 9-to-5 profession then time is most definitely money. Break down the hourly rates that a house cleaner would charge. If it’s less than what you could make in that time (and you actually need the extra time to be working) it makes more sense to hire the house cleaner and pocket the difference.

With all that said, the answer of whether a housecleaning service is worth the cost depends on three main things: time, energy and money. If you have a little extra money and not much of the other two then Square Cow Movers thinks that it may be a little luxury that’s worth it.

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Image Source: Kathy Hatter/redbeacon.com