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February 89, 2010 - Packing

Labor Day is a time to reflect on the hard work that Americans put into their jobs. It’s the holiday where we honor the worker. Apart from cowboys and cowgirls, we can’t think of anyone that puts in more effort than a professional mover.

Many of you have seen movers in action, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes throughout their workday. This Labor Day we’re taking a moment to show appreciation to all of our great movers and fill you in on what their job entails.

Every Day is a New Experience

First off, in the moving profession no two days are alike. As a mover the entire city is your office and your clientele changes from day to day. For Square Cow Movers the entire state is our office building. But they will know where they’re going and have a good idea of what needs to be packed up and loaded when they start their day.

It’s Not 9 to 5

At Square Cow Movers it’s not about putting in a certain number of hours, it’s about getting the job done right. Most of the time a mover’s workday lasts 7-9 hours, but going for a full 12 hours isn’t unusual. This is especially true if a mover is taking care of more than one job in a day or packing and moving all at once.

Regardless a mover’s day starts early. Sunlight is the main source of illumination and during the summer it’s important to beat the heat by being an early cowbird.

A Run Down of the Job Details Before it Begins

As we said earlier, every job is a one-of-a-kind project. One of the first things we do for every new moving job is gather detailed information on everything that’s needed – packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, transportation, and crating. What exactly will we be packing and/or moving? Are there any specialty items like a piano, antiques or aquariums? Where are we picking up and dropping off?

Before the day of the job, the mover will get all the info on exactly what’s expected. They’ll make sure that they are prepared with the proper equipment, supplies and know how, to get where they are going and get the job done.

Planning It Out Before It’s Packed Up

Before the physical labor begins a mover must access the situation and come up with a strategy for the most efficient way to pack everything up. From packing individual boxes to how best to load up everything into the truck, moving takes strategic thinking. They’ll also decide whether furniture needs to be disassembled and reassembled.

Once they’ve had time to take a look around and plan out the packing process the real work gets underway.

Physical Fitness is a Must for this Labor Intensive Job

As you can imagine the job of a mover is a very physical one. Sitting still only happens in the truck when items are being transported – and even that requires physical activity. That means movers must be in good physical condition because throughout the day they will be lifting, shifting, stacking and packing.

As you can see the job of a mover is an interesting one that requires a lot more than physical strength. But Labor Day is definitely an adequate description for their occupation.

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