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Front view of freshly painted home in summer during evening time
Front view of freshly painted home in summer during evening time

Have you ever made a move within the same neighborhood? Chances are you know someone that has.  Intra-neighborhood moves are fairly common.  In fact, herd leader Wade Lombard and his family made an intra-neighborhood move a few years ago.  Moving can be a huge hassle, trust us, we know (why do we you think we started Square Cow Moovers?). On the flip side, an intra-neighborhood move is one of the best kinds of moves to make.  Here are a few reasons to consider an intra-neighborhood move.

Keep your community.  No new school districts, neighborhoods, friends, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, or dry cleaners. You can keep everything the same.  The biggest benefit of an intra-neighborhood move is not having to change anything except your house.  No tearful goodbyes or major adjustments are necessary for an intra-neighborhood move.

Lower moving costs. We are known for our fair and square pricing with no hidden fees and hourly flat rates.  Since we charge by the hour, an intra-neighborhood move will be less costly because the driving time between the two locations will be very short.  Your family may also be able to move many of the smaller items across the street or around the corner and leave the larger items and heavy lifting to us.

Perfect your home.  Many people make an intra-neighborhood move because they like their neighborhood but have found a more suitable house.  A bigger house, better floor plan, larger yard / swimming pool or more manageable size are all reasons for intra-neighborhood moves.  Moves often occur around major life events: marriages, adding new family members, blending families, or retirement.  Moving to a larger or smaller house within the same neighborhood means you can navigate these major life events with your community intact while moving to a better home.  An intra-neighborhood move is a great opportunity to focus in on the perfect house that fulfills all your families needs and wants.

Less hassle and fewer disruptions.  An intra-neighborhood move can easily be accomplished in a weekend, no need to pull the kids from school or take time off work if you don’t want to.  It’s also easier to organize an intra-neighborhood move as you can easily go back and forth between both houses at the same time, instead of completely packing up one house and then unpacking the other.  There will be fewer disruptions to your family’s daily lives during an intra-neighborhood move.

Are you sold on the idea of an intra-neighborhood move?

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