Square Cow Moovers - Your Professional Moving Company

Here’s the skinny from your friendly mooving bovine. This is a short, short list of things we are not allowed to moove by law.

These are things we just cannot take in our trucks folks. It isn’t because we don’t want to, but because it is the law (except the elderly, we do not want to moove them. Too much jostling around and they really might explode.) We will however give you some tips and tricks to help you conduct your own moove with these particular items.

For things combustible, dangerous chemicals and, ironically, things that breath, transport them where ventilation is superb and fumes will dissipate quickly. Strap all of these things down so they cannot roll around. Do not just wedge them between things and hope they stay upright. When you take that turn, everything shifts. For the elderly and children, don’t put them in the bed of your truck, just crack the windows and try not to manhandle Grandpa too much.

For the firearms/munitions side of things, you must lock up and secure these items before transporting them. We will moove the gun case, just as long as there are no guns in there. Quadruple check to make sure all guns are unloaded with their safeties on. Put them either in the trunk of your automobile or so they are inaccessible to anyone sitting in the vehicle. Make sure you travel directly to your point of destination. Don’t stop anywhere and leave your car for anything. If you are hungry, use a drive through. If you need to use the restroom, make sure you have somebody else with you that can stay in the car with the doors locked. It isn’t that we are paranoid about mooving firearms. Heck, this is Texas, everyone’s got an arsenal. Rather, we are simply reflecting on personal experience mooving highly sensitive items.

Good luck folks and call us if you have any questions about mooving sensitive or dangerous items. For more info about mooving firearms visit the NRA ILA site. Also, feel free to visit the FTA site for more information.