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In our relentless quest for the best ways to help you save money and save the planet (because that’s what square cows do), we would like to introduce you to EcoBox. Everybody wave hi!
- Square Cow Moovers
EcoBox is a great company. They sell used boxes as well as new products if necessary. If you are here in Austin, they will deliver your packing supplies to you (check their website for delivery pricing as well as free delivery). Then, when you are done, you can sell your boxes back to them, if those boxes are still usable. Even nicer still, they will come pick them up.

We were cruising around online for some facts about tree consumption and found out from RAN and a few other sources that roughly 3 – 6 billion trees are “consumed” every year. Mind you, we don’t eat trees. Bark doesn’t do anything for our digestion. 3 – 6 billion is a rather large spread. Regardless, whether it’s 3, 4, 5 or 6 billion, we are still talking about an unfathomable number of shade givers. And, of course, not a single study done on tree consumption fails to cite that the good, old USA is the number one consumer of tree products.

Forest - Square Cow MooversWith the rate of construction here in Austin, even a couple thousand trees seem precious, especially with our brutal Texas sun. So, save some trees folks. Take our suggestion and consider a company like EcoBox for your packaging supplies. Give us a call if you have any questions. Also, don’t forget to ask us about options for reusable plastic mooving crates.