oregon trail - Square Cow MooversRemember that Oregon Trail game you played waaaaaaay back in the day? Your entire house was inside your wagon and for some awesome reason you came across an inordinate amount of rivers that you needed to cross. There was about a 49% that your wagon-house would capsize and you would lose everything. Or someone would knock over the lantern and it would burn to the ground. Or a grizzly bear would…etc. I think my Uncle Frank was the family cow and he would die in just about every game due to malnutrition.

Luckily these days we don’t put our belongings in a wagon and try to cross a river (at least most of us don’t do that). However, disaster will sometimes strike our house, located on solid ground without a river or flood plane for miles around. A water pipe will burst in your attic, your water heater will explode, lightning might strike your roof (we actually know a guy in Lakepointe who had this problem).


flooded house1 - Square Cow MooversAnyways, when disaster strikes your house, it may not be the safest place for your stuff. Insurance companies understand this too, and they will ask you to get quotes from moving companies to move your stuff out while repairs are being made on the house. Some folks don’t know that they can hire help with their insurance. They wind up moving all of their stuff out themselves, when they should be focusing on getting the problem fixed and moving on with their lives.

We call it a “Pack Out”. Get yourself and your valuables out of your home. Mark everything with where it was in your house and we will pack it out. Your belongings will go into storage until your house is as good as new and then we move it back. If you do happen to live in a covered wagon, we wish you luck and please don’t die of Typhoid or Cholera or floods or starvation or wild animal attacks or…