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Gifts from the Heart: 3 Imaginative Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift shopping can be challenging for a variety of reasons including: crowds, cost and wondering whether the recipient will actually use or like the gift.  Skip the usual gifts of sweaters, scarves, mugs, and gloves for something a little more creative.  These imaginative Christmas gift ideas are highly personalized, so you can give friends and family members something meaningful, useful, or unique.

Favorite Recipes – This gift can be as complicated or simple as you want to make it.  If you want to keep this project simple, opt for a few recipe cards.  Tie them together with a ribbon or punch holes in each card and clip them together with a hinged ring.  Alternatively, you can use an online book creation service like Blurb to create a more professional looking recipe book complete with photos.  Instead of calling Aunt Berta and asking for that German Chocolate Cake recipe every 6 months, you can become of the keeper of your family’s favorite recipes.  Family members will appreciate having this handy resource and it will be unique to your group.

Birthday Calendar – Another gift that can be simple or elaborate is a custom family birthdays and events calendar.  Your family or friends will never forget your birthday again if you give this Christmas gift.  A simple iteration of this gift could be a printed calendar with family members birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays filled in.  A fancier perpetual birthday calendar or birthday board that won’t become outdated every year can be purchased from sites like Etsy.  You can also look at a few examples for inspiration if you want to create your own custom birthdays calendar.  This would be a perfect gift for someone that has recently married into the family, so they can have a great resource to help remember important family dates.  An engaged couple may also consider giving a calendar to close family members and their wedding party with shower, engagement party, bachelor / bachelorette parties and wedding dates filled in. The same calendar idea could also be used by friend groups to help plan and remember birthday parties.  You can make several copies of the birthdays calendar as gifts or order several of the same birthday boards, so everyone is up to date.

Highlight Reel – This is a gift that you don’t even have to wrap!  Create a video or photo slideshow with background music of your family’s 2015 highlights.  Grandparents will love seeing all the memories their grandkids made over the past year.  Sharing photos online is something that many of us do; however, by going the extra step of creating a highly personalized video or slideshow, your gift will stand out!  Most computers come with photo or video editing software that you can easily use.  You could also create a highlight reel of a recent vacation or important event.

All of these gifts require a little extra time and effort from gathering recipes to recording important dates to creating a mini-digital masterpiece.  The beauty behind these gifts is not the cost, but the thought.  We hope that these ideas help you give some meaningful gifts this holiday season!

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