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Last summer we covered the logistics of moving into one of Austin’s many modern downtown high rises. This summer we’ve created a guide to help those that are ready to head to greener pastures move out of the high rises and into a home or apartment that’s at a lower altitude.Living Room : Enjoy the spectacular view from the 36th floor pen

What You Need To Do Before Movers Can Come In

Hiring an Austin moving company is a good idea if you’re moving out of an Austin high rise. Experienced movers understand how to get in and out of the shared space efficiently. They also know how to deal with the unique circumstances of working with apartment operators to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure the movers have all the information they need before they arrive:

Every high rise apartment building has its own set of moving rules. Even if you’ve moved in or out of other high rises, there could be special circumstances at your current building that you aren’t aware of. You don’t want to wait until moving day to find out what they are.

How to Find the Right Austin Movers for a High Rise Move Out

A high rise apartment move isn’t an everyday move. A moving company needs to know how to deal with the obstacles of downtown traffic, limited access and shared spaces. The moving company should:

Last but not least, don’t forget to let your neighbors know when you’ll be moving out. It doesn’t hurt to include a preliminary thank you note to show you appreciate their cooperation on moving day.