No Hidden Fees

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We Are Honest Movers!


It seems silly having to say that, but the industry has proven otherwise. Yes, we are honest. We work very, very hard to make sure that what you pay is what we have both agreed to before the truck even shows up. Typically we conduct a walk-through of most moves before the actual moving day, so that we are both on the same page with everything. When we cannot get to your location for an in-home estimate, we rely on all the parameters of our online moving insta-quote form to make sure that everything is covered.

If, for any reason, some parameter is not defined before we get there (like stairs or a long walk or 30 more boxes than what was originally stated), we will talk to you about it before we start. We will never give you a different price at the end of a move than what we agree to before it begins.

Hourly – Flat Rates

Also, if you decide to hire us on an hourly rate, there are no extra, hidden fees. Hourly is a flat concept to us, based on the dimension of time rather than the ridiculous stuff that other moving companies will throw at you without notice, and after they have all your stuff in their possession.

Below is a list of fees we don’t facilitate with our hourly rates.  If there are others, we don’t employ them either.

  • NO walking distance fees
  • NO stair/elevator fees
  • NO shuttle fees
  • NO taxes
  • NO fees for extra stops
  • NO assembly fees
  • NO equipment rental fees
  • NO disassembly fees
  • NO mileage fees
  • NO wardrobe box fees
  • NO per box charges
  • NO night/weekend/holiday fees
  • NO large item fees
  • NO storage load/unload fees