When Should I Start Packing Before My Moving Day?

One question we hear a lot is, when should I start packing before my moving day? The answer is always the same – as early as possible.

The sooner you start packing the less stressful the process will be. You’re also less likely to cut corners that could end up being costly. However, packing ASAP is sometimes easier said than done.

If your move is still a few months away you can’t pack everything up unless you don’t mind living out of a suitcase for a while. The trick is to prioritize your packing.

Prioritizing Your Packing Timeline

It’s always a good idea to get a head start on the packing as early as possible. To do this without completely upending your home life, use these packing prioritization tips. Basically, start with the things you rarely use and work your way towards packing up the everyday items.

Start with your stored items. Things that are already tucked away in the garage, attic or closets are the first things that can be packed in advance without a problem.

Move on to seasonal items that aren’t in season. Seasonal items like clothing and lawn equipment that won’t be needed before the move can be packed up sooner rather than later.

Next, come up with a packing plan for specialty or hard-to-pack items. Some items, like a piano or custom piece of artwork, may require special packing or transport that needs to be planned in advance.

A few weeks out start streamlining. Have you ever wondered how many things you could do without? Now is the time to find out. Start packing up everything that’s not a necessity for day-to-day life. If you have two bathrooms, pack up the smallest one and make due with using a single restroom. Knick knacks, linens, table settings – they can all go in packing boxes for a few weeks without being missed.

A week before moving day start clearing out the closets and kitchen. Once you’re a few days away from moving you can start packing up the closets and kitchen. First, have each person pack a small suitcase with a few changes of clothing, shoes, toiletries and medication. In other words, pack like you’re taking a weekend vacation. Everything else in the closet can then be packed up in boxes. About a week away from moving day, refrain from cooking at home. Eat what you already have in the pantry and opt for ready-made meals. That way you can get the kitchen packed up without waiting until the last minute.

Packing Options When You’re Short on Time

Sometimes last minute moves are unavoidable. It’s a situation that calls for strategic planning, efficiency and extra manpower to get the job done. Here are a few things you can do to get everything packed up securely and swiftly:

Enlist the help of professional packers. Many of our clients that are on a time crunch opt to use our packing services because it takes a lot of the work off their shoulders. While pros are getting everything boxed up you can handle other logistics like getting the utilities turned on and changing your mailing address.

Purge, then purge some more. The theory here is simple. The fewer things you have to pack up the quicker it will go. Some non-profits will even come pick up donated items for you.

Have a packing party. Invite friends and family over to have a little fun while helping you get everything packed up. Just make sure to have supplies ready and come up with a plan beforehand so everyone knows what they’re doing. If not, it could turn into a normal get-together that slows the process down rather than speeding it up.

At Square Cow Movers we’ve got the experts, equipment and expertise to help you make a move quickly. We offer a full-suite of moving services that give you control over how much or how little work you have to handle. Give us a call today to tell us more about your move!

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